Connect Spring 2019 - A fresh way to pray

Thank you is never enough. We know we are here because of prayer….
Alison Bryan (Trustee)

I have been thinking that it can hard to stay fresh around our prayer lives and wonder if I can invite you to use this little model when praying for the Stewards' Trust

= Praise   R = Requests   = Ask   = Yell

P is for PRAISE GOD – that the ST exists, that we have been given such a bountiful, legacy, safety, dynamic growth, are thrilled by testimonies, have had our own incredible experiences through it, or our children likewise?  This is incredible Kingdom power and fruit and I would love us all to THANK GOD and also to tell God we love what He is doing!  

R is for REQUESTS, which are definitely part of our relationship with God. Please pray for our committed staff - the powerhouse admin team and youth workers, for Jemimah Wright at she leads the youth work and identifies people as new youth workers and youth volunteers, for Jimi Gale in his leadership, for James Gerry as Chair of the Board, for Helen Peterson as she starts as Family Director, and for the board who help keep the Trust envisioned and safe. Please pray that God’s work through the Trust builds strong disciples and transformed lives.

A is for ASK of the Lord. What are His thoughts and plans and BIG DREAMS for the Trust? He speaks to us through pictures, words, verses and dreams! Please let us know what you hear and feed it back in any form – phone calls, email, a coffee with someone…  

Y is for YELL! This approach is the other way round: being in relationship with God means that we need to let Him talk to us and give Him permission to do it  – loudly. Please listen about how you can provide anything, absolutely anything, to the work of the Trust. Is He asking you to tell others about our work, to pray, to help with childcare, to bake a cake, help lead a houseparty, donate money, to contact someone to encourage them, be part of a worship team, to be a mentor? Let God yell at you about your vitally important part in this family and find your perfect fit. YOU are part of this work!

Thank you is never enough. We know we are here because of prayer….