Our Vision

Our Vision Statement:

To see our world transformed through the expansion of God's family and the building of His Kingdom, here on earth.

Our Mission:

To equip, nurture, grow and connect a broad Christian family from all walks of life, who will be known by its faithful demonstration of God's love in action through all we do.

To see more about why we are passionate about discipleship and how we do it, follow the link below to our 'Little book of BIG'.

Our Values

Underpinning everything we do, our value shape our behaviours and inform decision making.


Above all things we are called to love God and people.


Open to everyone, all ages, all stages of life and faith, enabling whole of life discipleship.


To the guiding power of the Holy Spirit.


Committed to sound biblical teaching and discipleship.


Taking good care of the people and resources God has entrusted to us.


Raising up future leaders relies on a commitment to releasing them to lead.


We have 'good news' to share and we enjoy doing it!

Our Story

In 1953 four friends graduated from university and moved to London to live and work.

They wanted to continue meeting, as they had at university, for Bible study, prayer and to encourage one another in faith, by having time away with God and with each other. They also decided to organise events aimed at helping their friends establish or deepen their relationship with Jesus. This was the birth of the Stewards’ Trust.


Over the years, our work has broadened. In the early 1960's a series of training courses were held at Ashburnham Place and evangelistic meetings organised in London and a weekly basis, which then fed into regular Bible studies. 1974 was the year of the first family houseparty at Wadhurst College and these events grew rapidly. Our youth work grew naturally out of the family house parties with the first event aimed at teens taking place at North Foreland Lodge in 1983. Ten years later our first youth worker was employed to encourage teens in their schools, where many felt isolated in their faith away from our events.

From the outset, friendship and relationship were at our heart: relationship with God and relationship with each other; love for God and love for people.

This remains the case today, with many people referring to Stewards’ Trust as a ‘family’. 

Alongside the value placed on going deeper in relationship has always been a desire to go deeper in faith - to be disciples helping to make disciples.

Much has changed since 1953 and then in some ways nothing has changed!