Simple things

Annie Gale

I love God, and I love the simple things in life (Ed - explains why you marrried me!).  

Most days at work, I walk to & from Aldi (other budget supermarkets are available) at lunch time, on my own, to breathe the air and to get some food.  On the surface it's pretty mundane, and lonely-looking.  But I LOVE it.  I have a quick chat with God about the day so far, and what's going round my head.  I say a few thank yous - for the air, the people I work with, Aldi avocados (they're always good), my job... and for His love.  I get distracted, I check a text or two... and I come back to my desk feeling better, every time.  

Just being with God, gently, simply, repetitively, He shows me that I'm loved and taken care of, in every tiny detail.  He brings me alive.  And knowing I'm loved changes everything. 

There's lots I could say about Annie but I'll try and keep this bio professional. She grew up going to Stewards' Trust camps and came to a living faith one year on a family houseparty, aged 12. She has led youth work, youth camps, family houseparties and created the popular and growing One with Mum events. I think if you asked her what she is most thankful for from all the years of being part of the ST 'family', she would say her friends.