Resting in restlessness

John Munro

I am not someone who operates in a habitual and disciplined way! My prayer life really comes to life in the early hours of the morning when I am often awake. I then find myself able to simply bask in God’s amazing love for me. I become acutely aware of how God has guided me, protected me and provided for me. It is at this time that I understand grace because, without any effort, I understand how undeserving I am, but how forgiving God is. It is when I accept this that I am able to bear my soul to the Lord and seek His guidance on the practical issues that I need to deal with on a daily basis. I share these challenges with Him in such a natural way, which I find I am not able to do in the same way during the day.

Most mornings my wife, Sally, and I read the bible together and pray and I do value these times, but for me, the most profound moments of prayer are found in the solitude of the early hours of the morning.

John once told me that the only thing he is really any good at is seeing and encouraging potential in others. It was years ago but it has stuck with me. I wouldn't agree it is the only thing but, even if it were, what an important thing that is.

I can think of many in the Stewards' Trust, who are doing amazing things around the world, partly because of John's interest in and encouragement of the people he meets. Thank you, John.