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We have an expansive and exciting vision, which needs a big team. Could you join us?

We think we have the best volunteers out there. Their commitment and love and is key in turning vision into reality.

Fram disney
I feel I have had a life-giving opportunity to use my gifts, spend time with inspiring young Christians and see teenagers develop in their faith - to see their lives changed.
Su Gahan (MBE)

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They are the visionaries, servant-hearted leaders, pioneers, inspirerers, gatherers, dreamers of big dreams.

They are the pot-washers, chair stackers, list makers, mass caterers, clipboard carriers, wide- game inventors, spreadsheet creators.

They are the prayers, pastors, comforters.

They are the ones who pray over our babies, sing Jesus songs with our toddlers, disciple our young people and teens.

They are the ones who give their time, their homes, their energy, their hearts.

They are the first to arrive and last to leave. They are the heartbeat of the Stewards’ Trust, our most valuable asset.

They are our Volunteer Army!